A Day Trip to Rotterdam and Kinderdijk

Need a break from the buzz of Amsterdam? In less than an hour, you can be in a different world, on a day trip to Rotterdam and Kinderdijk.

UnClogged in Amsterdam

Approaching Rotterdam, 2nd largest port in the world, after Shanghai Rotterdam’s skyline looks nothing like Amsterdam’s.

Rotterdammers will tell you, “Money is earned in Rotterdam, distributed in The Hague and spent in Amsterdam.” Attempting to compete with the Dutch capital, widely viewed as the Netherlands’ cultural hub, they also may insist, “Amsterdam has it, Rotterdam doesn’t need it.”

Despite its image as a no-nonsense workers’ town, Rotterdam has evolved from a major port into a world-class city. Obliterated by the Germans during World War II, it’s now home to both global giant Unilever and Erasmus MC, one of Europe’s largest university medical centers. Acclaimed designer Richard Hutten, lingerie maven Marlies Dekkers and architect Rem Koolhaas make it their home base. International Film Festival Rotterdam is an annual highlight.

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