Six Dutch Places You Won’t Find in Holland

Who knew there were so many places with tulips, windmills and clogs outside the Netherlands? If you’re homesick for Holland, check out these beauties from around the world.

The Netherlands by numbers

Those Dutch got, and continue to get, everywhere. New York, New Zealand, Tasmania, a whole bunch of places in South Africa… Here are some of the lesser-known places around the world with a touch of the Dutch.

Windmill De Liefde, Japan
This Dutch windmill is close to the Japanese city of Sakura and is named after the sailing ship which brought the first Dutch to Japan over 400 years ago. Even the tulips and the river running by are reminiscent of the Netherlands. It was apparently built in the Netherlands as a sort of Ikea kit and assembled in Japan.

This is not the Netherlands This is not the Netherlands

Holland, Michigan
The town of Holland, in the west of the state, has some 35,000 residents. It is not only called Holland but organises an annual Tulip Time Festival – and yes, they even get out the clogs and national dress to celebrate.

This is not the Netherlands either This…

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  1. I’ve never been to the Netherlands but the pictures and articles on your site are pretty amazing! It is definitely on my list once I start making my way to Europe. In the meantime, I guess I’ll try and check out the IKEA-built piece of the Netherlands in Japan (which is a beautiful country by the way if you ever get the chance).


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