Rollende Keukens: International Flavors, Served With a Side of Fun

Exotic aromas fill the air around Westerpark during The Weekend of Rolling Kitchens.
For a long weekend in May, Westergasfabriek is transformed into a massive, outdoor café.

If roving bands of hungry Dutchies are any indication, foodie festivals are all the rage in Amsterdam. And while the Dutch capital has never been known as a gourmand mecca, Het Weekend Van de Rollende Keukens (The Weekend of Rolling Kitchens) changes all that with the arrival of more than 100 mobile bistros at Westergasfabriek, on Amsterdam’s western edge. For a long weekend in May, the former gas factory is transformed into a massive, outdoor café, tempting anyone in the vicinity with international flavors.

Gourmet gyros stuffed with grilled wild boar are on the menu at the Wilde Zwijnen truck.
Satisfy your sweet tooth with Dutch poffertjes.

Started in 2008, the event is a family affair that includes carnival rides, mobile cinemas and a stage for live musicalongside food trucks proffering international fare. While entrance is free, bring cash to sample everything from gourmet gyros stuffed with grilled wild boar (prepared by the game specialists behind such renowned local eateries as Azur Bleu and Wilde Zwijnen) to French lobster dishes, Italian pizza, BBQ ribs, smoothies, and Dutch favorites like pannekoken and poffertjes. Sophisticated seafood fare will cost you a bit more, but most offerings are priced under 10.

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Fancy a rocking ball sandwich?

The 8th annual event continues through May 17, 2015, from 13:00–23:00. Westergasfabriek is about a half-hour by foot from Amsterdam Central Station; tram #10 stops nearby. For anyone who enjoys international flavors served with a side of fun, Rollende Keukens is a must. Bring the kids and make it a day in adjacent Westerpark, or spend a night under the stars, sampling exotic flavors and eclectic musical gigs.

Bring the kids and make it a day at Westerpark.






  1. That food festival sounds like my kind of place! And you reminded me of how much I love poffertjes, my uncle used to come over with the special pan and make them for us kids, so delicious!! I’m so sad I’m a month too late to enjoy this.


  2. I didn’t get the chance while in Amsterdam to experience some proper poffertjes, perhaps I’ll just make the trek back in a year or two in time to taste them here alongside so much other delicious sounding food. A food festival in the Netherlands sounds beyond perfect.


  3. They should have this regularly throughout the summer! “Festivaling” (attempt at spreading this new word…) is my favourite summer activity, and if it involves food, then double points for this foodie! 🙂 Nothing beats food outdoors, listening to music and watching the smiling faces of people enjoying themselves!


  4. Food, dancing, music, stargazing; what more can a person want? I would say this doesn’t just sound like a side of fun, but a whole three-course meal of fun! Fun for the whole family! I love fun!


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